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Looking to add something new, something special to your store? We have what you are looking for. Request access to our wholesale website and explore all items we have available for you.

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These pictures were kindly provided to us by some of our great retailers. Don’t they look amazing?

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  • No minimums
  • Free shipping in orders over $500.00
  • Broad selection – We carry a large assortment of cork items, sourced from multiple manufacturers.
  • Broad availability of items in-stock. For out of stock items, our lead items are usually 4-5 weeks.
  • Exclusive items – We work directly with manufacturers and carry exclusive products.
  • Personalized customer service – We listen to your needs and provide you the best support. We work with you to find the items that have the best fit for you store and your customers.
  • Wholesale website – www.wholesale.cork-nature.com – Designed for your needs, where you can buy at wholesale prices and follow our latest products and news.

Our suppliers and products

Our suppliers are all small, local manufacturing companies. We choose the best handcrafted products according to traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. We take pride in selecting the highest quality materials, locally handcrafted by fairly paid workers. Our items are handcrafted in Portugal with cork from the region, following European Union environmental standards.

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Let us help you! Are you looking for bow ties, hats, umbrellas…? Please contact us. We would be glad to help.

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